A GPS Tracker on the Sigfox IoT Network

  Android, GPS, IoT, Java, MKRFOX1200, mySQL, Sigfox, Tomcat

There are a few articles covering GPS Tracker which send GPS Data over the SIGFOX network. In my opinion they fall short of presenting a full stack solution which make use of the GPS Data by a remote client device like Android smartphones. So I decided to write an article about GPS Data processing on a backend server and an Android smartphone.


Building blocks:
GPS receiver NEO-6M connected to the Arduino MKRFOX1200 module
Tomcat 8 backend and MySQL data storage
Android Google Maps client

In my previous article I explained how to securely exchange data with a backend server using Tomcat 8 Basic Auth and SSL. In order to keep this article simple, I will not cover this topic again.

There is already a good tutorial about connecting a NEO-6M GPS-module to a MKRFOX1200 and send the data over the Sigfox network: https://www.hackster.io/jgallar/gps-tracker-with-arduino-mkr-fox-1200-104012. Go ahead and connect the NEO-6M module with the MKRFOX1200 module, flash the corresponding sketch to the MKRFOX1200, and test it using the given instructions how to send data over the Sigfox network vial eMail.  If you are not familiar with the Arduino MKRFOX1200 / Sigfox setup, visit https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SigFoxFirstConfiguration first.

The first chapter of this article covers the Sigfox network callback mechanism, which gives you control over the information which is send and transferred to your backend server. This chapter is particularly useful because it also covers Basic Authentication to secure your data exchange with your backend server.